Tatum Surgical Instrument Kits

Tunnel Graft Kit

When performed correctly, tunnel grafting is by far the safest and most predictable method to do onlay augmentations on the mandibular ridge. This is made true by the fact that no incision lines are in contact with any augmentation material. However, the technical challenges to the implant surgeon have frequently been severe. These were highlighted by the difficulty of tissue elevation on the lingual and retro-molar pad areas. The combination of the anatomically adjustable "Tunnel Graft Instruments", and the "Tunnel Graft Retractors" now permit the careful surgeon to master this procedure with added confidence and success.

What's Included

Tunnel Graft Instruments

  • Designed to elevate lingual areas over the ridge
  • Allow access around the lingual and distal of molars
  • Are adjustable as needed, to precisely fit against the bone
Tunnel Graft Retractors
  • Open the tunnel to direct vision
  • Protect the soft tissue
  • Simplify the access for decortication

Tunnel Graft Kit with Autoclavable Box.