The Zest Locator Implant Attachment


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The Zest Locator Implant Attachment has a proven clinical history of correcting patient problems with inserting their implant retained overdenture in as little as one appointment.

The Locator system also allows restoration of a non-parallel implant angulation of up to 20 degrees (equal to 40 degrees of total divergence between two implants.

Self Aligning The Locator features a denture component with a skirt that easily locates the mating implant abutment.

Incredible Durability Independent Laboratory tests demonstrate the incredible wear resistance of the Locator attachment with its patented Dual R etention design.

Lowest Height The Locator is designed to reduce the height of abutment restoration on all Tatum Implants.

Easy to Change The Locator Implant Attachment system features a Core Tool that contains three tools in one, for easy replacement of the Locator male component, and abutment insertion.

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