Tatum Implant System

The Tatum Implant System is a unique, comprehensive series of dental implants created to meet every need of simple and complex implant dentistry.

These clinically proven designs are the result of over 40 years of surgery experience by Dr. Hilt Tatum as he developed predictable and successful implant techniques for patient care.

  • Maximizes the use of available bone.
  • Designed to be strong & resistant to fracture.
  • Allows the restorative process to be greatly simplified.
  • The prosthetics are easy to accomplish and patient friendly.

The implants are made of Tivalloy i.e  90% titanium 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium.  The alloy is self passivating and forms a surface layer of titanium oxide which promotes osseointegration.  The Tatum designs are specifically configured to accommodate varying qualities and amounts of available bone in implant sites.  The Tatum Implant System provides the surgeon with effective dental implant designs to meet all clinical situations.

Integrity Tapered Implants

• Strong, stable, and retrievable abutment design utilizing large retention screws (2.0mm and 2.5mm).
• A lab “Friendly” system throughout the world.

One Piece Tapered Implants

View our selection of One-Piece Crown & Bridge and One-Piece Ball Attachement Tapered implants.

"T" Tapered Implants

• Designed for single stage surgery.
• May be used for two stage surgery when appropriate.
• Versatile, uncomplicated & strong.
• Minimum number of component parts required.
• Facilitates conventional crown and bridge restorative procedures.

"S" Cylindrical Implants

The Tatum "S" Cylindrical Implants were the first two piece single stage surgery titanium root form implants developed in the U.S. With 40 years proven clinical experience, Tatum's root form implants offer predictable, successful results in implant patient care.

"D" Plateau Implants

Originally developed by Dr. H. Tatum, the “D” Plateau Implants are designed for use with bone expansion techniques in atrophic alveolar bone which is not suitable for cylindrical implants.