Resiment® Ready-Mix®

The Resiment® two syringe composite resin cement product is now offered in a new auto-mix delivery system containing the original Resiment in both standard and fluoride. The original product in the new syringe system is Resiment® Ready-Mix® Auto-Cure Standard and Resiment® Ready-Mix® Fluoride. Resiment® is a permanent BIS-GMA self-curing resin cement used for many of your cementation needs. It can be used for the final cementation of crowns, bridges, implant prosthesis, inlays and onlays, Maryland bridges, pins and posts. Resiment® is designed to be easy to use and cost effective for your office.

Resiment Ready Mix is recommended for cementing Tatum abutment posts into Tatum System Implants.

Each Kit Includes:

5 g Syringe of Base
5 g Syringe of Catalyst
2 Spatulas
1 Mixing Pad

Resiment® Ready-Mix® Auto-Cure Standard
Resiment® Ready-Mix® Fluoride

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