Tatum Surgical Dental Implant System

Press-Fit Root Form Implants By Tatum Surgical

Part# Length Well Description
IP4.5x6.0mm 6.0mm 3.0mm 4.5mm x 6.0mm Tatum P Implant
IP4.5x8.0mm 8.0mm 3.0mm 4.5mm x 8.0mm Tatum P Implant
IP4.5x11.0mm 11.0mm 3.0mm 4.5mm x 11.0mm Tatum P Implant
Part# Length Well Description
IP5x6.0mm 6.0mm 3.0mm 5mm x 6.0mm Tatum P Implant
IP5x8.0mm 8.0mm 3.0mm 5mm x 8.0mm Tatum P Implant
IP5x11.0mm 11.0mm 3.0mm 5mm x 11.0mm Tatum P Implant

The Tatum "P" Root Form Implants offer predictable, successful results in implant patient care.

  • Versatile, uncomplicated & strong.
  • Minimum number of component parts required.
  • Designed for atrophic ridges with limited vertical height of bone.
  • Maximize bone to implant surface area for strength.
  • Designed for simplicity and versatility.

Tatum Surgical P-Implants offer great solutions to dentists in challenging clinical situations. The short lengths combined with wide plateaus allow clinicians to avoid vital structures and can eliminate the need for many grafting procedures. The "P" Plateau Implants are designed for uses in atrophic alveolar bone which is not suitable for longer cylindrical implants.