Tatum Surgical Dental Implant System

Integrity Tissue-Level Tapered Implants
Designed for Simplicity, Engineered for Strength.

  • Our unique tapered design is anatomically correct, enabling easier implant placement, while providing enhanced primary stability.
  • Designed to be a single surgery implant, that preserves both crestal bone, and soft tissue.
  • Simple abutment placement due to the soft tissue level connection.
  • Internal pentagon offers 5 secure, and positive abutment positions.
  • Strong, stable, and retrievable abutment design utilizing large retention screws (2.0mm and 2.5mm).
  • Internal tapered abutment connection to reduce the abutment/screw load.
  • A lab "Friendly" system throughout the world.

Available Sizes

Part# Diameter Total Length In Bone Apical Diameter
ITI 3.7 x 09 3.7mm 9mm 7mm 3.0mm
ITI 3.7 x 11 3.7mm 11mm 9mm 2.5mm
ITI 3.7 x 14 3.7mm 14mm 12mm 2.5mm
ITI 3.7 x 17 3.7mm 17mm 15mm 2.5mm
ITI 3.7 x 20 3.7mm 20mm 18mm 2.5mm
ITI 4.0 x 09 4.0mm 9mm 7mm 3.25mm
ITI 4.0 x 11 4.0mm 11mm 9mm 3.0mm
ITI 4.0 x 14 4.0mm 14mm 12mm 3.0mm
ITI 4.0 x 17 4.0mm 17mm 15mm 3.0mm
ITI 4.0 x 20 4.0mm 20mm 18mm 3.0mm
ITI 4.5 x 09 4.5mm 9mm 7mm 3.75mm
ITI 4.5 x 11 4.5mm 11mm 9mm 3.0mm
ITI 4.5 x 14 4.5mm 14mm 12mm 3.0mm
ITI 4.5 x 17 4.5mm 17mm 15mm 3.0mm
ITI 4.5 x 20 4.5mm 20mm 18mm 3.0mm
ITI 5.0 x 09 5.0mm 9mm 7mm 4.25mm
ITI 5.0 x 11 5.0mm 11mm 9mm 3.5mm
ITI 5.0 x 14 5.0mm 14mm 12mm 3.5mm
ITI 5.0 x 17 5.0mm 17mm 15mm 3.5mm
ITI 5.0 x 20 5.0mm 20mm 18mm 3.5mm
ITI 6.0 x 09 6.0mm 9mm 7mm 4.57mm
ITI 6.0 x 11 6.0mm 11mm 9mm 4.0mm
ITI 6.0 x 14 6.0mm 14mm 12mm 4.0mm
ITI 6.0 x 17 6.0mm 17mm 15mm 4.0mm
ITI 6.0 x 20 6.0mm 20mm 18mm 4.0mm
ITI 7.0 x 09 7.0mm 9mm 7mm 6.0mm
ITI 7.0 x 11 7.0mm 11mm 9mm 5.0mm
ITI 7.0 x 14 7.0mm 14mm 12mm 5.0mm
ITI 7.0 x 17 7.0mm 17mm 15mm 4.5mm
ITI 8.0 x 09 8.0mm 9mm 7mm 7.0mm
ITI 8.0 x 11 8.0mm 11mm 9mm 5.5mm
ITI 8.0 x 14 8.0mm 14mm 12mm 5.5mm
ITI 8.0 x 17 8.0mm 17mm 15mm 5.0mm

Tatum Integrity Implant Kit
Designed for simplicity and ease of use in placing Tatum Integrity Implants and organized in a step by step procedural approach with all instrumentation clearly labeled.
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