Tatum Surgical is pleased to offer the OsteoGen®

OsteoGen® is a synthetic bioactive resorbable graft (SBRG) used for sinus elevations, filling tooth extractions and cyst defects, as well as repair of periodontal bone defects.

OsteoGen® is an osteoconductive, resorbable, synthetically-derived non-ceramic form of hydroxylapatite (HA), the major mineral component of bone and dental enamel. OsteoGen® implant material is used for the augmentation and repair of bone defects. OsteoGen® is a highly crystalline material, comparable to natural bone, with NO alpha/beta tricalcium phosphates, amorphous phases, or bone-inhibiting pyrophosphates found in ceramic HA.

Critically-controlled manufacturing produces a bone grafting particulate of nearly perfectly formed clusters of relatively hexagonal-shaped crystals bound to a single nucleus. These clusters intertwine for greater porosity to form a 360E lattice mechanism for the host bone.

OsteoGen® is an osteoconductive material in that the highly porous crystalline clusters act as a slowly-resorbing matrix permitting the infiltration of bone-forming cells and the subsequent deposition of host bone.

OsteoGen® non-ceramic crystal clusters are highly hydrophilic, allowing the material to readily absorb liquid; potential for migration or material loss is greatly reduced by controlling excessive bleeding. Preparation is simple and delivery is easily accomplished with conventional instrumentation or syringe in a sandy consistency.

Osteogen .75 grams - Please call for special pricing.
Osteogen 1.5 grams - Please call for special pricing.
Osteogen 3.0 grams - Please call for special pricing.

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