Tatum Integrity Tapered Implants

Designed for Simplicity,
Engineered for Strength.

  • Designed to be a single surgery implant, that preserves both crestal bone, and soft tissue.
  • Simple abutment placement due to the soft tissue level connection.
  • Internal pentagon offers 5 secure, and positive abutment positions.
  • Strong, stable, and retrievable abutment design utilizing large retention screws (2.0mm and 2.5mm).
  • Internal tapered abutment connection to reduce the abutment/screw load.
  • A lab “Friendly” system throughout the world.

Tatum Integrity Tapered Implant Dimensions.

Diameter Total
In Bone Apical
Abutment Screw Diamter
3.7mm 11mm 9mm 2.5mm 2.0mm
3.7mm 14mm 12mm 2.5mm 2.0mm
3.7mm 17mm 15mm 2.5mm 2.0mm
3.7mm 20mm 18mm 2.5mm 2.0mm
4.0mm 11mm 9mm 2.5mm 2.0mm
4.0mm 14mm 12mm 2.5mm 2.0mm
4.0mm 17mm 15mm 2.5mm 2.0mm
4.0mm 20mm 18mm 2.5mm 2.0mm
4.5mm 11mm 9mm 3.0mm 2.0mm
4.5mm 14mm 12mm 3.0mm 2.0mm
4.5mm 17mm 15mm 3.0mm 2.0mm
4.5mm 20mm 18mm 3.0mm 2.0mm
5.0mm 11mm 9mm 3.5mm 2.0mm
5.0mm 14mm 12mm 3.5mm 2.0mm
5.0mm 17mm 15mm 3.5mm 2.0mm
5.0mm 20mm 18mm 3.5mm 2.0mm
6.0mm 11mm 9mm 4.0mm 2.5mm
6.0mm 14mm 12mm 4.0mm 2.5mm
6.0mm 17mm 15mm 4.0mm 2.5mm
6.0mm 20mm 18mm 4.0mm 2.5mm
7.0mm 11mm 9mm 5.0mm 2.5mm
7.0mm 14mm 12mm 5.0mm 2.5mm
7.0mm 17mm 15mm 5.0mm 2.5mm
8.0mm 11mm 9mm 5.5mm 2.5mm
8.0mm 14mm 12mm 5.5mm 2.5mm
8.0mm 17mm 15mm 5.5mm 2.5mm

Tatum Integrity Implant Kit

Designed for simplicity and ease of use in placing Tatum Integrity Implants and organized in a step by step procedural approach with all instrumentation clearly labeled.

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Unique Internal Pentagon Design
Assembled implants shown here with the Retreivable Abutment and Healing Cuff in place.
The Integrity Retrievable Abutment shown here with the Integrity Implant Healing Cuff
Large Retention Screws provide extra strength.
(2.0mm and 2.5mm)