The Tatum Original Implant Kit

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The Original Tatum Implant Kit is a comprehensive, compact kit designed to organize and manage surgical instruments used for bone expansion and osteotomies in dental implant surgery. This set includes all of Dr. Tatum's original designs.

The Tatum Original Implant Kit Includes:

One each of the following:

• D1 4.0mm “D” Shaped Bone Spreaders
• D2 5.5mm “D” Shaped Bone Spreaders
• D3 7.5mm “D” Shaped Bone Spreaders
• D4 10.0mm “D” Shaped Bone Spreaders
• Internal Irrigating Drill - SHORT 3.5mm (PURPLE)
• Internal Irrigating Drill - SHORT 3.9mm (RED)
• Internal Irrigating Drill - SHORT 4.4mm (GOLD)
• Internal Irrigating Drill - SHORT 4.9mm (BLACK)
• Non Irrigating TWIST Drill 1.5mm (WHITE)
• Non Irrigating TWIST Drill 2.0mm (BEIGE)
• Internal Irrigating TWIST Drill 2.5mm (BLUE)
• Internal Irrigating TWIST Drill 3.0mm (PURPLE)
• Internal Irrigating TWIST Drill 3.5mm (RED)
• Internal Irrigating TWIST Drill 3.9mm (GOLD)
• Internal Irrigating TWIST Drill 4.4mm (BLACK)
• Internal Irrigating TWIST Drill 4.9mm (GREEN)
• Internal Irrigating Tap 3.3mm (PURPLE)
• Internal Irrigating Tap 3.8mm (RED)
• Internal Irrigating Tap 4.3mm (GOLD)
• Internal Irrigating Tap 4.8mm (BLACK)
• Socket Guide 3.3mm
• Socket Guide 3.8mm
• Socket Guide 4.3mm
• Socket Guide 4.8mm
• (#1) Latch Grip Hand Mandrel
• (#2) Extension Hand Mandrel
• (#3) Hand Implant Driver
• (#4) Hand Screw Driver
• (#5) Tap / Drill Extender
• (#6) Short Extension Driver
• (#7) Long Extension Driver
• (#8) ADA Extension
• (#9) ADA Implant Driver
• (#10) ADA Post / Screw Driver
• Tatum Seating Tool
• Tatum Ratchet
• Tatum Small Parts Basket

Three each of the following:

• Post Guide Straight
• Post Guide 10 degrees
• Post Guide 20 degrees
• Post Guide 30 degrees
• D1 Elliptical Socket Formers (thin, medium, thick)
• D2 Elliptical Socket Formers (thin, medium, thick)
• D3 Elliptical Socket Formers (thin, medium, thick)
• D4 Elliptical Socket Formers (thin, medium, thick)

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